NJ Teams at Hoop Group Pitt Jam Fest

Jay Gomes, Publisher
NJ Hoops

The Hoop Group ran the Pitt Jam Fest April 28-30 at Pittsburgh Convention Center. Over 450 teams were in action in four different age groups and 10 divisions.

In addition to the NJ teams there were a few NJ players on other teams.

A look at the NJ Teams and which advanced.


There were 16 teams in action.

Coastal Strong was the lone NJ team. They were edged in the championship by IMGA 56-55.



There were 106 teams competing.

The NJ teams were: SJ Blitz, ShoreShots Tague, Jersey Force Woods, SJ Hoops Elite, Team Speed, Firm Silver, Game 7 Sharks, Sina Basketball Academy, Force Stein, Hoop Nation Blue, SJ Select, ShoreShots Frauenheim, Roadrunners

In the 2nd round: ShoreShots Tague lost to Middlesex Magic 63-57. SJ Hoops Elite lost to Canada Elite 57-53. Firm Silver fell to Team Takeover Orange 68-48. ShoreShots Frauenheim beat Boo Williams 70-65. Sina Basketball Academy thwarted Metro Boston 68-55. Force Stein calmed Minnesota Fury 73-65. Roadrunners beat Arizona Arsenal 68-59.

In the 3rd round: ShoreShots Frauenheim lost to Michigan Warriors 68-66. Sina Basketball Academy overcame TNBA East 60-43. Force Stein trimmed Hoop Ave Elite 66-65. The Roadrunners lost to BSA Select 64-54.

In the round of 16: The Force Stein topped Sina Basketball Academy 78-53.

In the quarterfinals: The Force Stein topped the Michigan Warriors 71-62.

In the semis: The Force Stein overcame the DC Blue Devils 72-62.

In the championship: The Force Stein lost to Middlesex Magic 79-66.


There were 32 teams battling.

The NJ teams were: East Coast Cyclones, Olympus, United NJ, Pure, Hoop Nation Red

In the quarterfinals: The EC Cyclones fell to Peoria Area Elite 51-40.


There were another 32 teams battling.

The NJ teams were: Team Rohan and Pure White.

In the semifinals: Pure fell to Franklin Force 50-48


There were 32 teams in action.

The NJ teams were: Hilltopper Heat, Force, Hoop Nation, Roadrunners, ShoreShots Kessler, Team Nice.

In the sweet 16: The Roadrunners fell to Middlesex Magic 67-41. The ShoreShots Kessler lost to Xpressions Elite 65-62.


There were 32 teams in action.

The NJ teams were: SJ Hoops Elite, ShoreShots Jones, Pure

In the second round: ShoreShots Jones lost to the NY Rens. Pure fell to CBSA Hoyas.


There were 32 teams in action.

The NJ teams were: Beasts, team Rohan, United NJ, North Jersey United.

In the 2nd round: The Beasts beat Team Silk 59-34. Rohan Elite ousted United NJ 50-44.

In the quarterfinals: The Beasts lost to College Park Rim Rockers 70-64.Team Rohan was outscored by Central PA Elite 89-69.


There were 68 teams in action.

The NJ teams were: ShoreShots Pooley, Firm, Force

In the 2nd round: ShoreShots Pooley topped Corey Graham Elite 62-60.

In the Sweet 16: ShoreShots Pooley fell to Team Takeover 64-49


There were 32 teams in action.

The NJ teams were: Hoop Nation, Soldiers, SJ Hoops, United, SJ Select, Pure.

In the second round: Hoop Nation trimmed Western PA Wildcats 64-60. The Soldiers lost to Young and Reckless 42-41. SJ Hoops Elite fell to Maryland's Finest 43-35. SJ Select trimmed RI Elite 61-57. Pure lost to Central PA Elite 49-40.

In the quarterfinals: Hoop Nation was elminated by Young and Reckless 55-52. SJ Select fell to Milton Stags 61-55

15U Steel

There were 12 teams competing but no NJ programs.


There were 32 teams in action but zero NJ teams


There were 8 teams competing but no NJ programs.

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