NHL, NHLPA offer proposals as deadline looms

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Hoping to stave off another lockout, the National Hockey League Player Association made a counter-proposal in the ongoing collective bargaining talks, NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr said Wednesday.
Fehr told reporters in New York that it was too early to characterize whether the proposal means talks are moving forward.
He described the counter-proposal as "responsive," but maintained that the NHLPA didn't see a need for a reduction in salaries based on revenue growth. He did say that players may be prepared for a smaller share of hockey-related revenues should they keep growing.
Asked whether the sides could strike an agreement before losing any games, Fehr said, "we can only make a deal when people are ready to make a deal."
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said that the league didn't see much difference from previous proposals.
"There wasn't much movement at all [from the new proposal], if any," Bettman told reporters after Fehr spoke. He told reporters that the league informed the NHLPA Wednesday that some elements of their latest counter-proposal will be off the table once the current CBA expires on Saturday night.

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