NFLPA files grievances for Hernandez

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Aaron Hernandez no longer works for the New England Patriots, but the National Football League Players Association believes the team still owes him money.
According to reports by and on Wednesday, the NFLPA filed two grievances on Hernandez's behalf.
Hernandez sits in a Massachusetts jail while awaiting trial on a first-degree murder charge. He is accused of the shooting death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.
One grievance seeks the $1,323,000 that was the guaranteed portion of his 2013 salary, the $1,137,000 guarantee of his 2014 salary, and a $500,000 workout bonus. The other grievance covers the $3.25 million Hernandez would have been paid in March 2014 as the last portion of his signing bonus.
In August, the NFLPA filed a separate grievance relating to money owed Hernandez, and it issued a statement: "On behalf of all players, it is our responsibility to protect the rights in the collective bargaining agreement. We are not tone-deaf to what the allegations are in this case, but for the benefit of all players, there are important precedents here we must protect."
Patriots owner Robert Kraft responded in August, "Simple -- you can look at our history. We honor all of our contracts, and we expect the people who sign them to honor their part of their contract."
In August 2012, Hernandez signed a five-year, $40 million extension that was set to run from 2014-18. Odin was killed June 17, and Hernandez was arrested six days later.

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