NFL examining preseason schedule, ticket prices

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The NFL is watching this month's preseason games with a close eye to help determine its future format, according to

The league is also looking into lowering ticket prices across the board for exhibition games.

Several options are being examined that would affect the number of preseason and regular season games played per season. Commissioner Roger Goodell has previously discussed lengthening the regular season and many have complained that the preseason is too long.

Those options include having 18 regular season and two preseason games, a 17-and-three split and a 16-and-two division. A change could possibly take effect in 2014.

Many players have opposed adding games to the regular season.

The league will look at how much starters play, how the lineups are constituted and fan reaction, especially in the fourth and final preseason games.

Goodell discussed the topic in February 2012.

"We wouldn't add an extra two games without reducing the preseason and we are not going to do it without the players' support, so we did that in the collective bargaining agreement instead of having the unilateral right, which we had," he said. "We determined that we were going to do this together. We are going to make changes in the offseason and during the preseason and during the regular season to make the game safer.

"If we can accomplish that we'll look at the idea of restructuring the season and taking two preseason games away and the potential of adding regular season games, but I don't think that will happen until at least 2013 or '14."

The NFL is also considering reducing preseason ticket prices for all games, which would require approval from the owners.