2017 NFL draft: Forrest Lamp, Jake Butt get obvious marketing deals

Shalise Manza YoungYahoo Sports Columnist
Shutdown Corner

Now free from the foolish constraints of the NCAA, soon-to-be-NFL players can now start using their names and likenesses for their own personal gain.

And for at least two players, there are some natural fits based off their respective last names: tight end Jake Butt and offensive lineman Forrest Lamp.

Jake Butt got a “butt-load” of toilet paper this week. (AP)
Jake Butt got a “butt-load” of toilet paper this week. (AP)

On Wednesday, toilet paper company Charmin announced on Twitter it had a dump truck with a “butt-load of TP” headed to make a delivery.

It went, of course, to the Ohio hometown of Butt, who has said he loves the opportunities his last name provides (heck, his Twitter handle is @JBooty_88), and this was no exception. Local radio station 97.1 The Fan posted a photo of Butt with the load:

The Associated Press wasn’t able to get to the bottom of the relationship between Butt and the Proctor & Gamble brand, and whether this was a one-time publicity stunt or part of a longer-term deal.

(Butt is also part of Shutdown Corner’s NFL draft All-Name team.)

But Lamp, well, he’s lighting up his bank account with his first endorsement deal: the guard has signed with Lamps Plus.

Lamps Plus stores are located only in the Southwest and West, so Lamp may not be able to do too many personal appearances if he’s drafted by, say, Buffalo, but the partnership was still a bright idea.

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