NFL admits two errors by game officials

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The NFL has admitted its officials made errors in two game situations over the weekend,
On one case, Denver's Trindon Holliday should not have been awarded a touchdown on his punt return during the Broncos' 26-14 victory over Carolina, because he dropped the ball before he reached the goal-line.
"Because the video showed that Holliday lost possession of the ball before it broke the plane of the goal line, (replay official Bob) Boylston should have stopped the game to initiate an instant replay review," the league said in a statement, according to "Had that occurred, (referee Alberto) Riveron would have had the indisputable visual evidence necessary to overturn the on-field ruling. The result of the play should have been a touchback -- not a touchdown -- with Carolina gaining possession at the 20 yard-line."
The other problem occurred in the 49ers-Rams game. More than one minute of game time was lost while the officials measured for a possible first down. The clock should have been stopped during that period.
The NFL blamed the clock operator, not the officials.

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