Top 10 legacy-altering seasons for a quarterback
Top 10 legacy-altering seasons for a quarterback
Top 10 legacy-altering seasons for a quarterback

The quarterback is the glamour position in the NFL. But the job comes with the burden of scrutiny, and when a career is over, it's all about the legacy: the stats, the wins and most importantly the Super Bowl rings.

For Peyton Manning, the dig was always that he didn't have the rings, and Tom Brady did, which meant Brady was better. Then Manning got his Super Bowl win in 2006, and things changed. This season, at age 37, Manning is changing things again.

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In five games this year, Manning has been on fire. His 75.8 completion percentage is the best of his career by nearly 10 points, and his 1,884 yards and 20 touchdowns easily lead the league. At this rate, he's on pace to throw for over 6,000 yards and 64 touchdowns. Those marks would shatter Drew Brees' 2011 record of 5,476 yards and Brady's 2007 mark of 50 TDs. Even with his advanced age and an injury that forced him to miss all of 2011, Manning is actually getting better, and it's going to be fascinating to watch how this season affects his legacy. 

Like Peyton, many other quarterbacks have had that one thing that kept the doubters fired up until one breakthrough season changed everything. Here are the Top 10 Legacy-Altering Seasons for NFL Quarterbacks.

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