Robert Griffin III's Adidas apparel may once again raise ire of NFL

Les Carpenter
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ASHBURN, Va. – By now we should know there is nothing Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III does that goes without notice. Even when he does nothing.

So there was RG3 on a sweltering Thursday afternoon answering questions during a news conference when suddenly team vice president Tony Wyllie interrupted the session and pulled Griffin away. He fiddled with the mock turtleneck collar of RG3’s white, long-sleeve workout shirt and sent Griffin back to the microphones.

The problem?

Apparently the tiny Adidas logo on Griffin’s neckline.

The NFL has a uniform deal with Adidas' rival, Nike. All uniforms and practice gear have to be team-issued Nike gear. Not Adidas. But as anyone who has watched television commercials in the last several months knows: Griffin has a deal with Adidas.

In fact, RG3’s Adidas commercials have announced more news this offseason than the player himself. The shoe company unveiled an ad last winter in which Griffin declared himself: “All in for Week 1” following surgery in early January to repair the ACL and LCL in his right knee. It was the first indication Griffin had given that he hoped to be back for the season’s opening game.

But Griffin is an advertiser’s dream, making sure to wear or draw attention to his Adidas gear whenever possible. Last season the league fined him $10,000 for wearing an Adidas shirt to a December postgame news conference. The NFL apparently didn’t even care that RG3 – who normally conducts his postgame news conferences in his game uniform – had hurt his knee that day and wore the only thing he had in his locker after visiting with doctors.

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On Thursday, though, he tempted a larger fine by “popping” his Adidas workout shirt when asked if he had put on more muscle in the offseason. He said the tight-fitting material made him look stronger.

The Adidas logo might have skipped most people’s notice, however. That is until Wyllie pulled him aside and tried to turn the collar inside out. Given the NFL Network was carrying the news conference live, it might have been the strangest live moment since Florida Sen. Marco Rubio reached off camera for a bottle of water during his response to the State of the Union address in February.

This while Griffin still can’t practice with the Redskins, other than light running on the side and throwing passes to other injured players who are ineligible to take part in OTAs. video of Robert Griffin III addressing the media:

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