Lightning delays Bucs-Panthers game

Eric Adelson
Yahoo! Sports

TAMPA, Fla. – Just before halftime of the Buccaneers’ season-opener against the Panthers on Sunday, a radio in the press box at Raymond James Stadium squawked with a bulletin about impending weather. The half ended, the players left the field, and as if on cue, the heavens opened up.

In what felt like seconds, the sky went dark and lightning ripped across the sky. Although the players were already sheltered in the locker room, the game was temporarily delayed. Fans scurried for cover, leaving almost no one out in the drenched lower and upper bowls of the stadium. 

The storm passed quickly, and the game resumed with only a 10-minute delay. Most fans returned to their seats. The Panthers scored early in the third quarter to cut Tampa Bay’s 13-0 halftime lead to 13-7.

Bad weather also affected an NCAA game Saturday night in Tallahassee, as storms associated with the same cold front delayed the Florida State home game against Savannah State. Both head coaches agreed to play the second half without clock stoppages.

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