New shirt urges Cardinals fans to 'resist' Cubs championship

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Cardinals fans can try to deny it, but the Chicago Cubs will forever be the 2016 World Series champions. (AP)
Cardinals fans can try to deny it, but the Chicago Cubs will forever be the 2016 World Series champions. (AP)

The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals rivalry will go down as one baseball’s most enduring. To be honest, it’s also been one of baseball’s most one-sided rivalries, at least in terms of big picture success.

Over the years, the Cardinals have accumulated 11 World Series championships, while the Cubs only ended a 108-year drought last fall.

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Trust us though, that one championship is going to change a lot about the rivalry. For the first time in a long time, it’s the Cubs leading the way and the Cardinals chasing. That’s going to take some serious adjusting for Cardinals fans to get used to. Or, as the popular St. Louis-based sports blog Joe Sports Fan is encouraging, some serious resisting.

(Joe Sports Fan)
(Joe Sports Fan)

That shirt is available for purchase right now at Joe Sports Fan for, you guessed it, $19.08.

It’s an obvious play on the history of the rivalry, as well as the current political climate, which has Americans clearly divided into groups that support President Donald Trump and those that oppose or outright resist his controversial ethics and policies.

It’s certainly edgy. Perhaps even uncomfortable to some. But it does in many ways capture the hard-hitting nature of this longtime rivalry.

Here’s the description from Joe Sports Fan:

Welcome to the resistance. The Chicago Cubs are NOT my 2016 World Champions.

We are strong. We are united. We are clothed in a delicious blend of cotton and polyester sure to make friends jealous on Opening Day as the 11-time World Champion St. Louis Cardinals take the field against a team that hasn’t won one in over a century. Sad!


One of the storylines we’re most looking forward to this season is seeing how the Cubs-Cardinals evolves now that the Cubs have not only arrived, but seemingly built a long-term powerhouse. The reaction to Dexter Fowler leaving Chicago for St. Louis gave us our first taste. This shirt gives us another.

What we know so far is that all of the emotions that previously existed will remain. It’s just a matter now of how many notches they’ll be turned up over the course of the season.

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