New app sends video to fans phones if they appear on MLB broadcast

If you’ve attended more than a handful of Major League Baseball games in your life, chances are you’ve at least briefly appeared on a broadcast. There’s also a good chance you didn’t realize that, either because you forgot to record the game or didn’t feel like combing through the footage to find that split-second of fame.

Good news, baseball fans. There’s now an app that will do that work for you.

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The app is called 15 Seconds of Fame, and it is now partnered with MLB to give fans a convenient way to find their image should it appear on a broadcast.

15 Seconds of Fame (“15SOF”) delivers never before available personalized video moments from live events directly to your smartphone. Have you ever wanted your epic moment captured on the Jumbotron? Have you ever wondered if you were caught on camera at a concert, campus event, parade, sporting event, or television show taping? Wonder no more! 15 SOF is the newest and most advanced social media app.

Now there is a way to capture, preserve, and share these memories. Simply register, take a selfie, and we will deliver your 15 Seconds of Fame directly to your phone.

The future of memories… The ultimate selfie.

The advancement of technology never ceases to amaze.

From a simple selfie, the app will be able to identify you and then create a video clip that will be sent directly to your phone. It turns a process that could take hours into a few simple swipes.

“This is what fans want and now they can get it,” CEO of 15SOF Brett Joshpe recently told “Moments like that foul ball are what we’re tapping into. MLBAM has really been a pioneer in the digital space and really appreciates the value of these kinds of moments for fans. We’re very excited about it.”

Baseball fans will be able to playback their “15 second of fame” during MLB broadcasts. (AP)
Baseball fans will be able to playback their “15 second of fame” during MLB broadcasts. (AP)

The idea was born from a seed planted many years ago at Shea Stadium in New York. On that night, Brett and brother Chad Joshpe were able to snag a souvenir while sitting down the right-field line, but it’s a memory confined to their own minds because they have no video to document it. Through their creation, they’re giving fans an opportunity to relive their moment over and over again.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll like what you see. But that’s up to you to be on your best behavior and create the best moment possible when the cameras are rolling.

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