Dan Wetzel's Week 9 College Football Podcast: the first 2013 BCS standings

Dan Wetzel
Yahoo Sports

The first of the last BCS standings were released on Sunday and they were as comical as ever – unless if you believe, as one computer formula does, that Bethune-Cookman is the nation's fourth best team.

Always looking for entertainment, the Dan Wetzel Football Podcast brought in Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated to break down the absurdities.

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They take a look at the prospects of all the major contenders, including Baylor, Florida State and Ohio State, plus whether a one-loss Oregon, Stanford or Alabama could edge out unbeaten Buckeyes or Bears teams.

Also discussed is the viability of next year's selection committee including the obvious political appointments, the mistakes it is setting itself up for and whether the likely intense backlash will push the implementation of an eight-team playoff sooner rather than later.

Finally, Staples, a barbecue aficionado, makes his selections for the single best BBQ spot in the ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, American and Pac-12. This is a coveted award and a helpful user guide for the fall.

Give it a listen here, it's free.

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