Dan Wetzel's Week 2 College Football Podcast: Why all the outrage over Johnny Manziel's on-field antics?

Dan Wetzel
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Chris Vernon of 92.9 ESPN Radio in Memphis joins the Dan Wetzel College Football podcast this week to discuss the start of the season.

The big topics: figuring out why so many people are outraged over Johnny Manziel's on-field antics against Rice. And is college football a uniquely old, conservative sport?

Neither Chris nor Dan were offended by Manziel, or pretty much anything a player does. Why does anyone care? And who really believes that what a player or coach does in public is a reflection of the real them? There are pro wrestling analogies made.

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Also discussed:

The big debut of Jameis Winston, how he got away from Alabama/Auburn and is he really this good or did Pitt have something to do with it? Regardless, FSU's play, coupled with Clemson's huge victory over Georgia sets up next month's Seminole-Tiger game as a possible mega showdown.

Washington's domination of Boise State. Is this a sign that the Huskies – and the Pac-12 in general – are going to be far stronger than expected? No one can remember the last time Boise was physically dominated like that. Also, Shaq Thompson is fantastic, is there anyone named Shaq who isn't a great player?

• The winding down of the Notre Dame-Michigan rivalry and how that stinks for everyone, especially the perception of "Northern Football." And really, in an era of bloated conferences, uneven schedules and gimmick league title games, isn't an annual rivalry game against a local, historic power bigger than the conference race (or at least damn close)?

Cincinnati's destruction of Purdue – and predicted beatdown of Illinois by Chris this Saturday – and the fact Tommy Tuberville is one of those guys who always turns out to be a strong coach and how all of this affects Louisville's national title hopes. Plus, is Silverberry Mouhon the best name in college football?

• What ever happened to Jacory Harris?

• Nebraska gave up 600 yards to Wyoming, does that mean the Huskers are in trouble? (That said, Cowboys coach Dave Christensen is cool if only because he looks like he just went deer hunting).

• Three games are broken down: Florida (-3) at Miami, ND at Michigan (-3.5) and South Carolina at Georgia (-3).

There's a lot more too. Give it a listen, it's free.

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