Dan Wetzel's Week 15 College Football Podcast: Who's No. 1? Who's No. 2?

Dan Wetzel
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The ultimate week for annoying analysis is here – it's the final few days for BCS politicking.

Dan Wolken of USA Today joins the Dan Wetzel Football Podcast as we attempt to make a rational, sound, fact-based determination of who should be No. 1 and No. 2. Well, actually we don't do that. We make no selection.

We do beg for a decision that is based on logic, and logic says that quality of victory and strength of schedule have to count for something. Essentially, the question is: Why is college football the only sport in which whom you beat isn't as important as not getting beat – at least as long as you are in one of a select few conferences.

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Other topics include:

Why Auburn AD Jay Jacob wasn't better prepared to make the Tigers' case and instead went for the oft-putting and mostly ineffective whine about how "un-American" it would be for a one-loss SEC team to be left out of the BCS title game? Is there any chance the SEC won't get its PR campaign in order by Saturday though?

Has Michigan State been more impressive this season than Ohio State, especially in Big Ten play? And are the Spartans just doomed because they chose to play [and lose] at Notre Dame rather than just schedule a MAC team?

Will the selection committee for the playoff actually follow through on its promise that SOS is important, and if so, will it finally change the way fans view how good teams are? For example, what would it do with a two-loss Arizona State team if it winds up winning the Pac 12 title?

The question of whether Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will be charged with felony sexual battery remains as local state's attorney William Meggs continues his investigation. There is reason to believe no decision will be made prior to the BCS title game being set – and the Heisman votes cast. Should this matter? And could FSU withstand the loss of Winston in the title game?

The Big Ten and SEC championship games are broken down (at least a little) and there is cursory mention of the ACC and MAC. Plus, why doesn't Missouri have better lighting at Faurot Field?

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