Dan Wetzel's Week 13 College Football Podcast: BCS riles Ohio State fans

'Tis the season for fan angst, where the chase for an elusive spot in the BCS title game heads toward a conclusion. With four unbeaten teams from major conferences – not to mention Fresno State and Northern Illinois – the last year of the BCS may prove to be the most controversial and unsatisfying.

Perhaps no school championed and protected the BCS more than Ohio State, both courtesy of its campus leader (now-departed president E. Gordon Gee) and conference boss (Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany). They fought for years against the creation of even a modest playoff.

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So it is a measure of poetic justice that the 10-0 Buckeyes, riding a 22-game win streak, are currently ranked third and in danger of being bumped down by Baylor to No. 4 and even possibly jumped at some point by Auburn if the Tigers go 12-1 and win the SEC.

Ohio State's vast fan base could live without the Shakespearean story arc, of course. Urban Meyer has an excellent team and the downfall of the Big Ten conference isn't exactly the Buckeyes' fault.

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Besides, this is Ohio State. The system is supposed to work for programs like that. They are supposed to be able to make fun of other schools – the way Gee famously mocked the schedules of Boise State and TCU as "Little Sisters of the Poor."


Now Ohio State is Boise State – powerless and desperate for upsets above it. That's left a segment of Buckeyes fans searching for (and crying about) media bias while lamenting public opinion and bashing the heck out of commentators who don't see it their way. This might be the year Kirk Herbstreit is truly glad he moved to Nashville.

All schools do this, of course. But maybe no one is getting after it right now like Ohio State fans.

So joining the Dan Wetzel Football Podcast this week is Anthony Lima, an Ohio native who attended Ohio State and currently works at both 92.3 the Fan sports radio in Cleveland and CBS 19 television in Cleveland. He remains an unabashed Buckeyes fan and was even a long-time defender of the BCS and E. Gordon, who, if nothing else, was always quotable and entertaining. The BCS was neither.

The discussion centers around what it's like to be a Buckeyes fan right now – or any fan on the verge of nuclear meltdown over the BCS and the endless debate over strength of schedules, quality wins and losses and style points.


It includes media bias real and imagined, angst over getting jumped again and again and even a not-impossible scenario for Ohio State to get left out by the BCS but still score a split national title. There's also the fairness of applying past results to current thinking and the general ridiculousness of the BCS process.

Other topics include: Johnny Manziel's chances for a second consecutive Heisman; the struggles of Michigan; Baylor's chances in Stillwater this weekend; should USC hire Ed Orgeron; and why West Virginia is forever a program to love.

There's more, too. Check it out, it's entertaining and free.