NBA Twitter Exploded After Kevin Durant's Decision To Sign With The Warriors

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kevin durant

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NBA beat writers around the country were tied to their phones this weekend, once Kevin Durant’s new contract negotiations stretched into the holiday weekend. While the rumors were flying, it was every reporter for themselves to make sure they didn’t get fooled by rumors or old news.

Once the news broke, though, that Durant would indeed be heading to Golden State, it was all hands on deck for coverage. Contract details, what it means for his title chances, how it affects the rest of the league, everything’s up for debate. Enjoy working on the holiday, NBA scribes!

Kevin Durant’s new teammate, Andre Iguodala, summed up the immediate reaction to Durant’s decision perfectly with this tweet.

First, of course, is the money. After a full weekend of huge contracts being handed out to seemingly average bench guys, you had to know that KD will command an overwhelming amount. But he didn’t even get as much as he could have! One of the big debates was whether Durant would take less money to go to a winner, which is a surprising sentiment when you consider he’s already on a strong contender. Until the Cavs took them down, the Durant-led Oklahoma City Thunder took the Warriors to seven tough games in the Western Conference finals and looked like the closest anyone would come to beating them. Now, Golden State will have another MVP in their lineup in a potential rematch with Cleveland in next year’s finals.

ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting Durant will sign for $54.3 million with Golden State on a two-year deal with a player option after the first season.

The other big news is what this means to the rest of the NBA, as Durant’s decision sets several other things in motion.

The Warriors, who a title two years ago and won 73 games last season, will now put out a starting lineup that features a two-time MVP, one of the best shooter in the league, an All-Star and all-NBA defender, and an ex-MVP and scoring champion. Yeah, Golden State might break their own win record next year.

Durant’s mother, who has been ubiquitous at Kevin’s games in Oklahoma City and on road games, showed her son’s previous team some love while congratulating him on the next chapter of his career.

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