Mike Miller hustles in only one shoe during Heat's blowout of Pacers

MIAMI – Deep in the NBA playoffs, you have to make some sacrifices. You have to check your ego at the door. And sometimes you have to leave your shoe on the sideline.

Late in the third quarter of the Miami Heat’s Game 5 romp over the Indiana Pacers, shooting guard Mike Miller lost his left shoe with LeBron James starting a post-rebound run up the court. Instead of pausing to put his sneaker back on as James went ahead, Miller tossed it toward the scorer’s table and jogged ahead wearing only one shoe. The home crowd ate it up.

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Everyone expected a whistle to stop the dram-edy, but the play kept on and Miller made several trips up and down the court as his sock got looser and looser. There was Miller in one shoe, spotting up at the 3-point line waiting for a pass. (Now that would have been fun.) There was Miller hustling back to defend. And there was Miller, throwing a hand in the face of the Pacers’ David West as he launched a shot. West’s effort rimmed out and the crowd erupted again. Sock it to ‘em, dude.

Eventually the Heat called a 20-second timeout and Miller laced up again.

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