Nazem Kadri can't stop talking about his cat

Toronto Maple Leafs centre Nazem Kadri has a cat, and he wants the world to know about it.

The three-year-old cat named Jasmine, or “Jazzy,” was caught up in the Toronto sports buzz Tuesday after Kadri decided to thrust the feline into the public eye with her own Instagram account.

Yawning ???? Game day nap time #goleafsgo

A photo posted by Jazzy Kadri (@jazzykadri) on Jan 23, 2017 at 1:00pm PST

“Jazzy and Nazzy,” as their nicknames go, were first brought to the attention of Leafs fans with a heartwarming story by the Athletic’s David Alter on Monday.

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The story goes that Kadri went looking for a dog at a humane society in Toronto with former Leafs teammate Nick Spaling, but ended up with an impulse cat adoption.

Kadri told the Toronto Star:

It was a spontaneous thing, I went last year with Nick Spaling who at the time was playing here. We went to the pet store to get his dog something for his teeth. It was a day off. Asked if there was a humane society around to go look at dogs, and made our way over there. There wasn’t that many choices with dogs. I went into the cat room, and had an instant connection. Thought I’d take her home right on the spot.

But apparently his Toronto teammates aren’t on the Jazzy bandwagon.


“I’m not gonna follow him … I’m not a fan of that cat, I don’t know why,” defenceman Jake Gardiner joked with reporters.

Star rookie Auston Matthews said he doesn’t follow Kadri’s cat on Instagram either.

“I might have to soon, just so I can keep up with what’s going on in her life. It’s very interesting,” he said. “He’s always talking about this cat non-stop.”

Game day chill with my pops

A photo posted by Jazzy Kadri (@jazzykadri) on Jan 21, 2017 at 8:59am PST

It turns out most pet owners in the Leafs’ lineup are dog people, the Star discovered. Although it doesn’t seem out of character that a player that Yahoo Sports once dubbed the “Maple Leafs’ supervillain” would be really into his cat. (Everyone knows that supervillains dig cats.)


While the Leafs players may not follow Jazzy, the cat already has a decent following.

“That was just something fun that we started, and it kind of took off,” Kadri told reporters. “It’s not a bad thing, her getting a little bit of attention.”

No word yet on whether a Kadri hat-trick will henceforth be called a “cat-trick.”