National League All-Star voting is starting to heat up

We’re a couple weeks out from the MLB All-Star game on July 11 and so far, the often contentious online voting process has been pretty ho-hum. There’s no Omar Infante lingering around the top vote-getters — which is to say there’s nobody playing terribly who might end up starting the All-Star game.

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In the National League, where an updated tally was released Monday by MLB, there are certainly some players who are deserving of more votes, but no obvious black eyes. Instead what we see in the latest tally is races heating up — and good, because this thing could use some drama.

Before we get into the specifics, here are the latest results:

The latest NL All-Star tally (MLB)
The latest NL All-Star tally (MLB)

• First base is an interesting spot because Paul Goldschmidt is most deserving, but Ryan Zimmerman is having a great comeback season and that’s carried him to the top. However, it’s not Goldschmidt he has to worry about. It’s Anthony Rizzo, who is still within striking distance. He’s been hot at the plate since the Cubs moved him into the leadoff spot in the lineup — .417 with three home runs in the past week. Cubs fans are good at mobilizing for All-Star votes, so we could see Rizzo climb more.

• Nolan Arenado, who hit that dramatic walk-off homer to complete the cycle on Sunday, is also within striking distance of Kris Bryant at third base. Both are great players having good seasons, but Arenado has been a tick better, according to Fangraphs’ WAR — 2.7 to 2.4.

Nolan Arenado deserved to celebrate after Sunday’s performance. (AP Photo)
Nolan Arenado deserved to celebrate after Sunday’s performance. (AP Photo)

• Zack Cozart has increased his lead over Corey Seager at shortstop. That’s a deserving nod for Cozart, who overtook Seager last week. Now his lead over Seager has almost doubled. Remember, if Cozart makes the squad, Joey Votto is buying him a donkey.

• That third outfield spot after Bryce Harper and Charlie Blackmon is still totally up for grabs. By WAR, Marcel Ozuna is most deserving and the game is in Miami, so he could be a solid guy to support if you’re into that sort of thing. Also worth noting in outfield voting: Blackmon is holding his own with the biggest names around. A deserving All-Star for sure, the Rockies outfielder is the third highest vote-getter in the NL.

If you’re looking to cast some ballots, you can vote five times per day on the MLB website through June 29.

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