So much appreciation for Andre

The Andre Johnson show
The Andre Johnson show

I have so much appreciation for Andre Johnson.

Busy trick or treating, this will be more commentary than article. Coach Mike Mularkey explained that Andre called him, said his heart wasn’t in it, and they chatted. Yesterday there was way too much speculation that it was due to any other reason.

trade- makes some sense, but no.

injury- when did he look hurt?

unhappy- he gets complimented daily and put in to make key catches

I was antsy for Mularkey to make a statement so the guesses and rumors would stop. I was glad he did.


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My guess is this- The Titans had a homecoming game recently. There were sixty players that were expected to show, but some estimate as many as 80 did. Andre’s friend, Arian Foster, retired last week. My guess is simply that his time amidst the retired players made him think of his own retirement.

He is a definite hall of famer. There is no question.

He was the best wide receiver in football for a number of years despite having a poor supporting cast. Notice the throws on the highlights that everyone has been sharing. There is no doubt in my mind with Andre.

Andre was almost never called “Johnson” but Andre. A zillion peopled named Andre in the world, yet everyone knew who you were speaking about.

It was nice to read how the other players called him “sensei” for the wisdom he imparted upon them during his time as a Titan.

We’ll go into Andre for the hall of fame and his replacement in more detail soon. Trick or treating tied me up yesterday. Sorry for not posting.

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