These MS Paint versions of NBA logos shouldn’t be this good

Extra Mustard
Sports Illustrated

Remember the guy who drew all 351 Division-I basketball logos in MS Paint? Well, he’s back again with another set of crudely reproduced logos.

With the NBA playoffs just getting started, Alek Rivard (on Twitter at @AlekRivard) decided to make the Association his next target. Every team is represented, including the Sonics, and he even included the brand new Timberwolves logo, which was released less than a week ago.

For the NCAA edition, we picked out the five best and five worst. But these logos are all pretty solid, so let’s just highlight the top five.

Los Angeles Lakers

Indiana Pacers

Memphis Grizzlies

Miami Heat

Chicago Bulls

The first team to start selling shirts with these will be raking in the dough.

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