Most Popular This Week: Shelby Barn Find and the Cars of ‘Breaking Bad’

George Kennedy

Happy weekend race fans! We here at BoldRide hope you are getting in all the road trips you have planned for the rest of the summer– because it’ll be fall before you know it! Driving in the crisp autumn air is fun, but not quite as fun as a great camping trip in August. So load up the Vista Cruiser, like you’re Clark Griswald, and if you need further motivation, here are the most popular stories of the week from BoldRide!


First off- Lucra has been hard at work on an all-new supercar. Dubbed the L148, it is long and wide (80 inches wide!), and can be fitted with either GM or AMG powertrains. Lucra says it is the 599 to Ferrari’s 458. We like.


In other supercar news, BMW further outlined its follow-up to the i3, the hybrid-powered i8. There has even been grumblings of an M8 variant. Consider our interest piqued.


On “Breaking Bad,” there are far more mundane cars that get far more spotlight than a supercar could ever hope. We talked to the man who casts the cars for the hit show.


Last week, the Big Barn Find was the Lotus from James Bond in a storage unit. This week it was a stunning Lancia Stratos found in a barn in California. The rally racing icon is now headed for the Bonham’s Auction in London this coming Friday.


In other auction news, the very last of the original run of Shelby GT350’s is headed for auction. It’s going on the block at RM Auctions later this month and is expected to fetch $200-to-$250,000. That’s one pricey pony.

Photo Credit:, AMC