Monolith BBQ Guru grill automates temperature control for perfect results

Garrett Hulfish

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Grilling outdoors is one of the many great summer activities to enjoy with friends and family. It is a social occasion but constantly checking the food guarantees that one person is going to be stuck at the grill. In order to give grill owners a break, the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition grill comes with smart tech built right in.

Developed by BBQ Guru, the Monolith ceramic grill features a Komodo style and comes with more than a dozen different accessories for pretty much any cooking method. Users can use direct or indirect cooking, two-zone, pizza, or baking. The biggest feature is the addition of the CyberQ Cloud. With this BBQ temperature control device, users can control their Monolith BBG Guru Edition from any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

CyberQ Cloud works by constantly and automatically regulating the temperature inside the grill. What normally requires abundant attention now allows users to entertain their guests. This is done using a built-in fan that feeds in the right amount of oxygen, which increases the intensity of the charcoal’s heat. When the food is done, a text message or email alert will notify the user. If fingers are too covered in sauce to touch anything, users can try out the voice control and monitor up to three different foods with Amazon Alexa. For example, users could say, “Alexa, ask CyberQ Cloud, what is the temperature of Food One?”

By syncing up with the newly launched website, Share My Cook, grillers can connect with other enthusiasts. Here, they can share recipes, images, and detailed information about the cook. Simple, yet detailed graphs supply all the information others need in order to replicate the cook. Based on the results, users can rate the cook out of five stars.

Prices for the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition starts at $1,144 and come with a variety of accessories. For those who are more interested in the CyberQ Cloud technology than the actual grill, this can also be sold separately, starting at $255. This little device works with almost any smoker available. If a smoker is not on the list, requests can be sent in to ensure the right kit adaptor is available.