Monday Update

Larry Williams, Senior Writer
Tiger Illustrated

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-- Seems Isaiah Simmons is going to be a real weapon in kickoff coverage.

A couple weeks ago he leaped onto the radar with a big scrimmage hit on an opening kickoff, and as spring practice has progressed Simmons' name is still popping up as a playmaker in that group.

This time last year kickoff coverage was a daily storyline, as it should be given the massive and costly flaws that plagued the 2015 group. Not so much this year, largely because the staff did a great job of shoring up that area last season.

So much of doing a good job of covering kickoffs, beyond kicking it through the end zone with regularity, is simple desire and enthusiasm for the job. We repeated that ad nauseam last offseason, and sure enough an infusion of those qualities is what players and coaches credit most for the progress in 2016.


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