Watch: MMA fight ends with rare double knockout

There isn’t a more exciting finish to an MMA bout than the rare double knockout.

The unlikely feat has happened a few times in various promotions over the years, most notably in the legendary eight-second fight between Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker, with the latest incident coming Saturday night at a Shamrock FC event in Kansas City.

Axel Cavares and Alan Vasquez hit each other with hard right hands simultaneously and dropped to the mat. Vasquez managed to recover before the referee called the fight, while Cavares was dazed and stumbled as he tried to get to his feet, bringing an end to the bout.

Vasquez was declared the winner via first round knockout, but was left with a nasty-looking broken nose.

Check it out in the clip below, or watch the full fight video here.

Awsome double ko tonight at #shamrockfc

A post shared by William Joplin (@thearmadillo1) on Mar 11, 2017 at 6:11pm PST

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