MLB: Umpires erred in allowing Astros pitching change

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Major League Baseball announced Friday that the rule covering pitching changes was not applied correctly by the umpiring crew in the seventh inning of Thursday's game between the visiting Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros.
The Angels played the game under protest before winning 6-5.
MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said in a statement that the matter is under review.
It is the second time in two days that the sport acknowledged wrong calls by umpires.
With Houston up 5-3 and the Angels putting two runners on base with two outs in the top of the seventh, Astros manager Bo Porter replaced right-hander Paul Clemens with left-hander Wesley Wright. But after Wright threw several warmup pitches, Porter reemerged from the dugout and replaced Wright with Ambriz despite Wright not having faced J.B. Shuck. Luis Jimenez had been announced as the pinch hitter for Shuck.
Angels manager Mike Scioscia was incensed. Despite appearing to rule in conflict with Rule 3.05 (b), which requires an incoming pitcher to face at least one batter unless there is an injury, the umpires allowed the pitching change to stand. Angels pinch hitter Scott Cousins flew out after Scioscia lodged an official protest of the game with crew chief Fieldin Culbreth.
On Wednesday, umpires failed to reverse a disputed tying home run by the Oakland A's Adam Rosales after a video review. MLB executive vice president Joe Torre said the judgment call -- Rosales wound up with a double and the A's did not score in their 4-3 loss to the Indians -- by umpire Angel Hernandez and his crew "stands as final."

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