MLB Predictions: Eight Random Things That (Maybe) Will Happen In 2017

Ricky Doyle
Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve
Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve

Predictions can make you look really, really good or really, really bad. The important thing is you get your bat off the shoulder and swing for the fences, realizing the worst that could happen is that you’re wrong.

In other words, we have no problem throwing stuff out there to see what sticks. And what better time to make bold claims than the start of a new Major League Baseball season?

Of course, we’re not completely off our rockers. All of the following MLB predictions for 2017 are rooted in some logic, albeit logic that might eventually be considered questionable in hindsight. But there’s a good chance you’ll disagree with at least a few of these forecasts, which is OK, so long as you’re also willing to make your own predictions when goofing off with your friends.

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