MLB Network documentary chronicles Mike Trout's journey from 'Millville to MVP'

At 25 years old, Mike Trout is already among baseball’s best and most marketable players. But that’s the part of his story that everyone already knows, because that’s the segment of his journey that we’ve all been so fortunate to share with him.

The truth is, there’s an even better story that preceded Trout’s arrival in Major League Baseball. That’s the journey you’ll be able to take with him in “Mike Trout: Millville to MVP.”

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The hour long documentary will be the next installment in the popular and engaging series “MLB Network Presents.” It will premiere on MLB Network on Sunday, April 9, at 8 p.m. EDT.

The kind folks at MLB Network allowed us a preview of the documentary, and we’d comfortably put this among the series’ best. The film chronicles Trout’s rise from a small town in New Jersey to a baseball phenom who has surpassed his remarkable hype. It also focuses on the relationship Trout has maintained with his hometown supporters.

The story of Mike Trout's rise is one baseball fans can't afford to miss. (Getty Images)
The story of Mike Trout’s rise is one baseball fans can’t afford to miss. (Getty Images)

The film fills in many of the details of Trout’s upbringing. We hear stories from his parents, Jeff and Debbie Trout, his high school coach Roy Hallenbeck, while getting to know a community that helped raise a superstar and continues to fuel his passion.

“We have the same types of problems that any other city that has 28,000 people, but at the same time we have that little piece of sunlight that’s always looming above us, telling us ‘hey look ya know what, there’s room for us to continue to rise. Mike Trout did it and everybody else can do it.”

That quote from Millville mayor Michael Santiago captures the essence of the film. It’s a feel-good program that will make viewers appreciate the roles so many have played in molding Trout’s talent and character. The good fortune isn’t lost on Trout either. He realizes not everyone is afforded the support he’s received, and he’s honored that by maintaining an unmatched work ethic.

There’s a lot more that’s packed into the show. Former teammate Torii Hunter and current manager Mike Scioscia discuss Trout’s transition to the big leagues. There are some fun quotes from A’s general manager Billy Beane. We’ll leave it at that, since we hope you’ll check it out yourself.

We will leave you with this: “Mike Trout: Millville to MVP,” reminds us that Trout didn’t become a two-time American League MVP overnight. He worked hard, and he wasn’t afraid to ask for help along the way. More importantly, the support he needed was always there.

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