MLB cancels meeting with Byrd

Steve Henson

Marlon Byrd's(notes) meeting with Major League Baseball officials to discuss his use of nutritional supplements provided by BALCO found Victor Conte was canceled Tuesday, according to a source close to Byrd.

Byrd, an outfielder with the Texas Rangers, is in Seattle for a series that begins Thursday. The meeting was supposed to take place over the phone, with Byrd speaking to representatives of MLB's investigative division from their New York offices.

Baseball is concerned about Byrd's relationship with Conte, who provided performance-enhancing drugs several years ago to Barry Bonds(notes), Gary Sheffield(notes), Jason Giambi(notes), other ballplayers and many more elite athletes. Conte says that none of his current products, sold under the label of the Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning, contain anything illegal.

Sources say Byrd has not tested positive for anything illegal. It is unclear whether MLB will reschedule the meeting or ask Byrd to travel to New York.