Sublime performance leads Team Liquid to a championship

Miracle of Team Liquid: Miracle managed to outplay SumaiL in Team Liquid's dismantling of Evil Geniuses in the Epicenter 2017 grand finals. The well-known mid laner finished with a KDA of 38/8/40.

Miracle pulled off a shocker as he ran mid Sven to perfection. He dominated the early game alongside his Io and forced SumaiL on one of his worst game on the Storm Spirit. Miracle transitioned to the safe lane on the Juggernaut in the following game. The shift then resulted in Team Liquid's only lost in the series as Team Liquid fell behind early and never bounced back. In Game 3, he was back on the mid lane with his feared Invoker. He easily won the early game against SumaiL's Mirana and picked up a nine-minute Hand of Midas into a 14-minute Aghanim's Scepter. After that it was all but over for EG as he ran away with 14 kills and zero deaths. In the final game of the series, his Ursa had a near perfect outing except for one death near the end of the game. Miracle was impressively involved in 29 of Liquid's 36 kills.