Mike Tverdov making use of proximity to Rutgers

Richie Schnyderite, Staff Writer
Scarlet Nation

Starting out on the future has already begun for Rutgers incoming freshman Mike Tverdov. The Union High School senior defensive end has been making use of his close proximity to Rutgers.

He’s been making his way over to The Hale Center rather frequently to make use of the Rutgers workout facility as well as the program that was designed for incoming freshmen.

“I've been working out up there just about every day,” Tverdov said of Rutgers.

The workouts are also a lot different than what he was accustomed to doing at the high school level.

“I wish I can call them normal,” Tverdov said. “They are brutal but I've gotten ridiculously stronger and bigger within the past two months. “

Those gains have been measurable as Tverdov’s current weight is evidence enough of how well the training is working.

“I'm up to 242 pounds now. I was 221 back on my official visit [in December],” Tverdov said.

The plan for the next few months is remaining pretty much the same.

"It is just to keep on working and watching film. I'm doing whatever I can to prepare myself for the fall so I'm taking advantage of everything I'm given," Tverdov said.

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