Mike Trout gave every Philadelphia Eagles player a Christmas gift

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Mike Trout or Santa Trout? (AP)
Mike Trout or Santa Trout? (AP)

Mike Trout, as you may well know by now, loves two things outside of baseball very much: weather forecasts and the Philadelphia Eagles. In this holiday season, when we so frequently show people how much we love them through gifts and such, Trout can’t very well give something directly to Mother Nature. But he can hook up the Philadelphia Eagles.

And that’s exactly what he did. On Wednesday, the Eagles locker room was full of Nikes, gifts from Trout — who is from Millville, N.J., about 45 miles from Philly — to everyone on the football team for which he roots.

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The cards that came with the shoes even had his picture, in case, you know, they didn’t know who Mike Trout is. (But let’s be real, if they don’t know who he is, that picture probably won’t help much). Anyway, onto the Twitter proof:

We at The Stew had Trout on our podcast two weeks ago, and he talked about his Eagles fandom and his admiration of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. Sounds like their friendship goes beyond that, as Wentz told reporters that he and Trout went hunting together Tuesday. From NJ.com:

It was good,” Wentz said. “We hunted waterfowl — ducks and geese.”

Wentz and Trout went hunting in New Jersey, and then out to breakfast in Avalon. Trout has never made his love for the Eagles secret, attending games regularly, including multiple games this year.

“He has been at some of the games cheering us on,” Wentz said.

Wentz said he was introduced to Trout by tight end Zach Ertz.

For the Phillies fans out there wondering when they’ll have a chance to court the best player in baseball: Trout is under contract with the Angels until 2020.

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