Mike Tomlin drops f-bomb, a-bomb in Antonio Brown's now-deleted video on Patriots

That’s one fired-up, foul-mouthed cheerleader right there!

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin certainly was happy for his team’s win over the Kansas City Chiefs that will advance the Steelers to the AFC championship game on Sunday against the New England Patriots, and he showed it in a Facebook Live video that Steelers receiver Antonio Brown posted on his Facebook page. But Tomlin was not happy about the perceived advantage he believes the Patriots got when the NFL moved kickoff of the Steelers-Chiefs seven hours back because of ice storms in the Midwest.

And Tomlin didn’t hold back.

“When you get to this point in the journey, man, not a lot needs to be said. Let’s say very little moving forward. Let’s start our preparations. We just spotted these [expletives] a day and a half. They played yesterday. Our game got moved to tonight. We’re going to touch down at 4 o’clock in the [expletive] morning. So be it,” Tomlin said in the 13-minute video. “We’ll be ready for their ass. But you ain’t got to tell them we’re coming.

“Keep a low profile, and let’s get ready to ball like this up again here in a few days and be right back at it. That’s our story.”

Mike Tomlin had some choice words following the Pittsburgh Steelers' win on Sunday. (AP)
Mike Tomlin had some choice words following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win on Sunday. He probably didn’t want those words made public. (AP)

That’s a low profile? You can actually hear another unknown Steelers player saying, “Keep cool on social media, this is about us, nobody else.” Suddenly this is the most hilarious team left in the tournament.

The video since has been removed, but it had more than a million views before it was. People can copy this stuff with, like, technology and all. Tomlin didn’t say this in front of the media, but the word is out. It already has found its way to New England and will be hand delivered to Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who predictably will downplay it to the media and will certainly show it to his own team. After all, Tomlin did call them a not-so-nice name, for what that’s worth.

We know that Tom Brady already has seen it. He was asked about it on his regular Monday hit on WEEI’s “Kirk & Callahan” show and responded: “I don’t think that would go over well with our coach … What’s done in the locker room should stay in the locker room.”

If there’s a wonderful irony it’s that it now makes two head coaches playing for the right to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LI who now apparently have a dislike for the league office. And with Roger Goodell having visited the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday and the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday for those respective games, the only venue left to visit this coming week would be Foxborough.

Such a lovely buildup we’ll have for Sunday. No extra cheerleaders required.

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