Mike Leach targets police, media for legal troubles of Washington State players

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Washington State coach Mike Leach explains his thought process behind picking this year's team captain.

Mike Leach on team captains: 'All the guy really does is the coin toss'

Washington State coach Mike Leach explains his thought process behind picking this year's team captain.

A host of Washington State football players are facing legal issues, but if you ask coach Mike Leach, it’s been a rush to judgment as to their culpability in each incident.

Instead, Leach says the burden should fall on media members and police officers.

Linebacker Logan Tago is under investigation for assault and robbery stemming from a frat house brawl where multiple football players were arrested, and safety Shalom Luani was arrested in the offseason for his role in a fight outside of Domino’s Pizza. No charges have been filed and both players have played this season.

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On Tuesday, Leach made a statement in defense of his players and said: “Comments to the media have distorted the facts and already condemned football players in the court of public opinion.”

Regarding the house brawl where Tago was arrested, Leach said:

First instance. Brawl at a party, the whole room is involved. Room erupts in a brawl. Everybody's hitting everybody. The only guys accused of doing anything are football players. The only guys accused of anything are football players. Where's everybody else? What about the other 100 people in the room? What was their role?

Regarding Luani’s fight outside of Domino’s:

Second incident. A football player is jumped and his shirt is ripped off. Jumped by five to six people. His shirt is ripped off, as he's leaving a place. The only guy arrested is the football player. Only guy arrested? Unless he somehow single-handedly started a fight with six people.

Encompassing both situations:

Unless we are supposed to believe that these football players fought themselves, then there are numerous other guilty parties. That is clearly the case. If any of these allegations are true, I have not read anyone else's name in the newspaper. "Unidentified males." Nor any elaboration on their role in these events. Clearly, if these things happened, their role was extensive.

If the other guilty parties are not accused or charged, their needs to be an extensive investigation as to why. How in the world can only football parties be guilty in events depicted like this?

Washington State (0-2) hosts Idaho this Saturday.

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