Mike Goldberg Issues Apology for ‘Lapse of Reason’ Following NFL Broadcasting Debut

The news broke on Tuesday that UFC commentator Mike Goldberg had been removed from his scheduled NFL on FOX broadcasting duties after lashing out at critics following his NFL play-by-play debut on Sunday. The 49-year-old issued an apology via Twitter for his actions.

“I just want to apologize to everyone at FOX and elsewhere for my momentary lapse of reason Sunday night,” wrote Goldberg. “I let some mean-spirited folks on Twitter get to me and I should have had thicker skin instead of reacting so quickly and emotionally.”

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During the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions game, Goldberg made several mistakes and viewers harshly criticized his performance via social media. He responded by calling one a “douche” and saying “Dude, (expletive) you” to another via Twitter.

“I don’t want to be a distraction on the upcoming broadcast Sunday, so we mutually agreed that it would be best to sit this next on out,” the longtime UFC commentator said about being removed from this weekend’s Vikings and Buffalo Bills broadcast team.

“I’m not happy about it personally but, professionally, it’s the right thing to do after my mistake. Thank you to FOX and to others who have been so great to me and understanding.”

It’s unclear whether or not the Ohio native will be included on future NFL on FOX telecasts.

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