Michelle Wie abandons table-top putting stroke for the claw grip

Since the middle of 2014, Michelle Wie has become as known for her unique putting stance as anything else. She hunched her 6-foot frame over at the waist and put her back practically parallel to the ground before taking her putting stroke.

Michelle Wie has a new putting stance, ditching the Table Top method. (Getty Images)
Michelle Wie has a new putting stance, ditching the Table Top method. (Getty Images)

And now the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open champion has abandoned what she dubbed the Table Top putting stance and has found a new approach on the greens. Wie has decided to go with a more traditional stance and utilize the popular Claw grip, which somewhat simulates the pendulum-style stroke that used with belly and long putters.

“My coach and I have been working on it and just trying to be a little bit more flowing, a little more athletic,” Wie said Wednesday ahead of this week’s Women’s Australian Open. “I stuck with the table top for very long and you know, sometimes you just need a different feel and just try and get out and it feels comfortable.”

Wie actually had her pick of the litter of Claw styles to emulate, and she didn’t shy away from putting in the time to figure out which one she liked best.

“You should see my research searches, I Googled every one and I liked Phil (Mickelson)’s claw, Sergio (Garcia)’s claw,” she said. “I tried everything out and it feels good. It kind of is fun to try out different grips – it’s amazing how you can make putts doing pretty much anything, but this feels most comfortable to me and, we’ll see.”

Now that Wie is no longer using the table-top style, she was asked to reflect on some of the more interesting reactions to the approach.

Laughing, she said, “I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say the funniest thing I’ve heard here.”

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