Mexican boxing legends see Marcos Maidana as a kindred spirit

Scott Christ
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Marcos Maidana hails from Argentina, but has the aggressive and fearless style of some of the great Mexican fighters. Julio Cesar Chavez, Erik Morales, and more give Maidana credit for his Mexican-like determination.


"We all know Marcos Maidana is not a technical fighter, but nobody can deny he is a very dangerous one, perhaps one of the most dangerous fighters Mayweather has ever faced.

"I must confess I was amazed to see how courageous Maidana was; he squared up in front of Mayweather and just went at it with everything he had.

"Maidana possesses a singular characteristic that we usually see only in Mexican fighters - he is simply fearless. He is brave and powerful and from the moment he steps into the ring he fights like there's no tomorrow."


"When you think of what makes a great Mexican Champion, you think of determination, aggressiveness, heart and the guts to get the job done. That's what it means to be a great Mexican warrior; you leave everything in the ring, your heart and soul are out there.

"I remember watching the first Mayweather vs. Maidana fight back in May and I can say, Maidana left his heart in the ring. He fights with passion and aggressiveness. He leaves it all out there.

"There's no boxing in Las Vegas or anywhere without great Mexican fighters. We all know that. And Maidana has the heart of a Mexican warrior."


"Marcos Maidana's boxing style resembles that of the great Mexican fighters. He is fearless, doesn't stand down, he likes to pressure his opponent and has a very powerful punch.

"You have to give Maidana some credit for his boxing skills; he has won the lead role in a rematch fight against one of the best fighters in the world, Floyd Mayweather.

"Besides being a very good fighter, Marcos has a very nice characteristic, he's truly humble. That's a feature you don't find that often in boxers of his caliber.

"This is a very tough fight for the both of them; that's why I'll refrain from any predictions. Both fighters have a big test in front of them.


"Maidana is a fighter that takes the lead and doesn't back up. He comes prepared and he comes to fight.

"Nobody thought that he was going to stand up to Mayweather like he did. He left his heart in the ring.

"He made all Latinos proud. He stood in front of Mayweather like true Mexican champions do.

"He can go the distance if he wants, he's aggressive. He fights with the determination of a Mexican."

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