Mayweather-Hatton round-by-round

Kevin Iole
Yahoo! Sports

LAS VEGAS – A round-by-round look at Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s win over Ricky Hatton:

PREFIGHT: The crowd is overwhelming in favor of Hatton. Even though Hatton was only given 3,000 tickets, more than 95 percent in the house are roaring for him. Every time Hatton is shown on the screen, the crowd erupts. They're singing "Hatton Wonderland" over and over as they wait for the fighters to walk to the ring. The crowd loudly boos the American national anthem, which was sung by Tyrese. Hatton is now coming to the ring and the crowd is on its feet roaring as "Blue Moon" is being played out the public address system. Everyone is singing along. Mayweather begins his walk to the ring with a determined look on his face with "Born in the USA" playing. The crowd is booing but not as loudly as they had before.

ROUND 1: Hatton bulls in and they tie up on the ropes. Mayweather is backing. Hard left hook by Mayweather. Hatton bullies him to the ropes. Another left hook by Mayweather. Mayweather is firing the left. Straight right by Mayweather. Hatton lands a left. Hatton hits Mayweather on the back of the head. Mayweather pops a jab. They wrestle along the ropes. It's a rough fight. The crowd is going wild. Hatton left to the body. Straight right by Mayweather with 10 seconds left. Mayweather's round, 10-9.

ROUND 2: Straight right by Mayweather. Referee Joe Cortez warns Hatton for pushing Mayweather's head down. Hatton rushes in and lands a left hook. Cortez calls time to warn the fighters about rough tactics. Straight right by Mayweather. Another hard straight right by Mayweather. Another hard right by Mayweather. Mayweather throws a right to the back of the head. Hatton lands a chopping left. Cortez calls time again to chastise the fighters about rough tactics. Hatton bulls Mayweather to the corner. Hatton fires away, but Mayweather picks most of them. Mayweather's round, 10-9.

ROUND 3: Left by Hatton to open the round. Mayweather lands a hard right. Hatton complains about the holding and hitting on the break. Hatton digs a hook to the body. Hatton is again trying to brawl. Hard right by Mayweather. Mayweather's right is a weapon at this stage. Cortez keeps breaking them. Hatton is cut above the right eye. Mayweather lands a left. Mayweather's round, 10-9

ROUND 4: More of the same to start. They're on the ropes. Hatton lands a shot to the body, perhaps his best of the fight. Uppercut by Mayweather. Mayweather lands a jab and a right. Hatton connects with a right. Hatton bulls Mayweather to the ropes. Mayweather lands a hard right. Hatton was stunned. Three-punch combination by Mayweather. A right to the head by Mayweather. He's opening up. Mayweather's round, 10-9.

ROUND 5: Hatton lands a shot on the back of Mayweather. Hatton lands a short right. Mayweather uncorks a left hook. The pace is slower. They're mostly wrestling about halfway into the round. Hatton lands a combination, including a right on top of the head. Mayweather lands a jab and a right. Mayweather is warned for using his forearm. Hatton's round, 10-9.

ROUND 6: Hatton lands a short left. Hatton runs in and grabs, a tactic he has repeated. Hatton lands a right as Mayeather lands a left. Mayweather moves away and Hatton hits him on the back of the head. Cortez deducts a point. Straight right by Mayweather. Left hook by Mayweather. They're brawling on the inside. Mayweather's round, 10-8.

ROUND 7: Mayweather is circling to start, but they quickly tie up again. It's degenerated into an ugly wrestling match. Mayweather lands a jab and a right. Mayweather digs a right to the body and a short right inside. Hard left and a short right by Mayweather. Mayweather lands a right-left-right at the bell. Mayweather's round, 10-9.

ROUND 8: Hatton misses badly on a hook. Mayweather again circling. RIght uppercut by Mayweather backs up Hatton. Right by Mayweather. Left by Mayweather. Another hard right by Mayweather hurts Hatton. Left hook by Mayweather. Right to the body hurts Hatton. Overhand right by Hatton. Believe it or not, some in the crowd are chanting "U.S.A.!" Pace has slowed in the round now with 50 seconds left. Big left hook by Mayweather hurts Hatton. Huge right snaps Hatton's head. Hatton is in trouble. Huge round for Mayweather. Mayweather's round, 10-9.

ROUND 9: Mayweather is dancing and acting comfortable for the first time in the fight. Mayweather lands a jab and spins away from a Hatton hook. Left hook inside by Hatton. Mayweather popping the jab and circling away. Hatton is unable to mount offense. Counter right inside by Mayweather. Crowd singing for Hatton again, but he's doing little effective punching. Mayweather lands a hard jab. Mayweather's jab is active now. Mayweather lands a solid one-two. Mayweather's round, 10-9. ROUND 10: Huge left hook by Mayweather puts Hatton down. He was up at nine and in bad shape. Mayweather's handing another massive left hook that puts Hatton down and the fight is waved off at 1:35 of the round.

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