Maybe from the enemy point of view

Brian Moore
Maybe from the enemy point of view
Maybe from the enemy point of view

Here we’ll try to look the week 6 game from the “enemy” point of view.

Up the gut

As long as the Titans do not start Karl Klug (as they did last week) at nose tackle, run up the middle. Klug was excellent last week, but he has been on the Titans for year and hasn’t been given that opportunity. The Titans allow 5.71 yards per rush up the middle. The Browns need to exploit this weakness in the Titans rushing defense.

Can always run
Hue Jackson is impressive at setting his team’s up to run. Jackson’s teams have always run well. The Browns offensive line is battling injuries this year. They have to remain confident and keep running the ball. The Browns can’t allow the Titans to get an early lead and thus force them to pass often in “come from behind mode.” The Browns must run the ball and run well.


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Can always get after the passser
The Titans have been excellent at getting after the passer. Cody Kessler has chest and rib injuries. The Browns quarterback is likely going to play through his injury this week. There is some sentiment that Kessler is brave or tough as nails to even consider playing. It seems foolish. There should be concern of serious injury and the pain he’ll endure if his current injuries worsen due to hits absorbed by the Titans defense. The Browns know all too well how Dick Lebeau can rally his defense to get after the quarterback.

Go deep young man, go deep

The last three years, the Titans have had a consistent issue of allowing the deep ball. The Browns have the deep speed to go after it. They almost have to send Terrelle Pryor deep to win. Until the Titans rectify this issue, teams should exploit it.

Don’t get after Mariota

Marcus Mariota is an athletic quarterback. He is wonderful ad-libbing and very fast on the move. The Browns should sit back and not blitz him. The should keep him in the pocket, not using his legs. A simple base defense will force matchups like Joe Haden on rookie Tajae Sharpe. Trust that Haden will win the battle, and keep the athletic quarterback contained.

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