Max Greenfield Dishes on Schmidt's Fitness Routine, 'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter [Video]

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Max Greenfield does lovable jerk like no other as Schmidt on Fox's "New Girl." He's confident, he's got a great vocabulary, and he's a hard worker. Does Greenfield mind when fans think he's like Schmidt? "I could care less. I think it's nice. First of all, people seem to like Schmidt a lot," Greenfield told Ben Lyons of Yahoo!'s "The Sidebar," when they sat down to chat about the Season 2 finale, Taylor Swift's guest spot, and most important, Schmidt's killer workout routine and the "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter.

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How and why did the hilarious, fitness-inspiring viral video come to be? It all started when Vulture came out with a faux workout-DVD meme using Greenfield's head on Richard Simmons's body, thus making a Schmidt fitness video. Greenfield wanted to up the ante, saying, "Well, all right, why don't I show you what the actual footage would look like? And then within three days, we shot that goofy Spin video. And it kinda took on a life of its own."

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If you haven't seen the video of Schmidt on the bike, you're so missing out -- and you're welcome.

"New Girl" clearly has a devoted fan base, but Lyons had to ask Greenfield about a previous show he was on with an incredibly diehard following: "Veronica Mars." If you haven't heard, fans donated nearly $6 million to a Kickstarter campaign for a feature-length movie based on the show.

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Greenfield, who will play his former character Leo D'Amato in the film, found it all to be kismet. "It was very odd, because about a week before, I was at a Kings game and ran into Kristen. And Kristen had taken a picture, and she tweeted it out, and then it got all this press. And you're thinking, it really is silly that somebody doesn't do a movie. I'm telling you a week later, the Kickstarter thing happened. ... One of the coolest things I've ever seen." The rest is history in the making.

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