Mattias Ohlund: (Knee) Admits Playing Career May Be Over Staff

Update: Ohlund (knee) has finally admitted his playing career might be over, reports the Tampa Bay Times. "I'm not close to working out or even skating," Ohlund said. "Clearly I have to be realistic. I haven't played for a year and a half. Nobody has told me it's impossible to ever play again but, clearly, the longer it goes the chances of that are getting tougher and tougher." Almost a year ago, Ohlund underwent a partial knee replacement.

Recommendation: The surgery, which placed a layer of titanium on the bottom surface of the femur behind the knee joint, was probably his "last best chance" to save his career. He is on the salary books through 2015-16 and is ineligible for a buy-out because he's on IR. What a sad turn for a proud player.

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