Martin Jones uses jersey collar for most bizarre save of season (Video)

Much attention has been paid to the equipment of NHL goaltenders this season, and whether streamlining that equipment would result in more goals being scored.

Well, add another piece of gear to the list: The collars of the sweaters, is this save by Martin Jones of the San Jose Sharks is any indication of a burgeoning trend:

Here’s another look:

That was Chris Stewart of the Minnesota Wild on Sunday night, celebrating a goal that turned out not to be one thanks to the collar of the Sharks’ goalie. And that puck was addressed and delivered to the top corner of the net, looking very much like it was going to buzz past Jones’s mask and over the goal line.

Instead, he sniped it right into the back of his neck, the puck disappearing into this jersey and to give Jones a brief Hockey Quasimodo look.

Give Jones some extra credit here for keeping his wits and his torso out of the cage. They did double check it with a video review.

Truly one of the most bizarre saves of the season, and one of the oddest ones in the storied history of “puck disappearing in equipment” saves.

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