Marlins will give Ramirez time to adjust

Tim Brown

DALLAS – About the time Hanley Ramirez(notes) reportedly was pouting his way out of Miami came the tweet heard 'round South Beach.

"OMGGGG," came the response from Ramirez's account. "Crazy stuff going around. I'm just relaxing with my family and getting mentally and physically strong and ready for next season."

A smiley face followed.

Either Ramirez had been hacked or he seemed to be coming to terms with the arrival to the Miami Marlins of Jose Reyes(notes) and his own switch from shortstop to third base.

The talented and emotionally mercurial Ramirez was thought to be unhappy with moving off of shortstop for Reyes, who signed a six-year, $106-million contract and on Wednesday was introduced in a press conference here.

Ozzie Guillen, the new manager of the Marlins, requested that Ramirez be given time to adjust to the idea of a different role and insisted Ramirez would remain the franchise player.

"Hanley will still be the guy," Guillen said. "Don't worry about Hanley. Let me worry about Hanley."

He said he was only concerned with how Ramirez felt and what he said when spring training opened.

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