Mark Hunt Facing Travel Delays Trying to Get to U.S. for UFC 160 Fight with JDS (Updated)

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Mark Hunt Finishes Derrick Lewis, Likely Sending Him into Retirement (UFC Auckland Results)
Mark Hunt Finishes Derrick Lewis, Likely Sending Him into Retirement (UFC Auckland Results)

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt is slated to fight Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 on May 25 in Las Vegas, but he’s currently stuck in New Zealand, having trouble gaining clearance to get on a flight to the United States.

Hunt tweeted a few days ago that he was denied travel at the airport due to visa related issues.

“If its not one thing it's another no one told me about a visa might miss my flight ooooopppps,” he tweeted, following with, “Looks like one more night in NZ.”

After having an old passport delivered from Australia, Hunt again thought he was all clear to leave, but ran into more issues on Thursday.

“Denied again at airport I'm never helping anymore (expletive) mates,” Hunt tweeted. “This is wat happens wen u have friends that are (expletive) the last (expletive) time I help these mother (expletive) trouble makers.”

Hunt mentioned that he’s been in trouble with authorities in the past – referencing a 2002 incident when he was arrested in the United States – but didn’t go into detail about whether or not that had anything to do with his current difficulties in leaving New Zealand. sources later confirmed that the 2002 arrest did have something to do with Hunt’s travel troubles, indicating that since the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon U.S. customs officials have become more diligent in screening passengers coming to the United States.

Hunt was arrested, but not charged, in 2002 for his involvement in a bar fight. The incident isn’t expected to prevent him from making his way to the United States in time for the fight.

Hunt confirmed that UFC officials were already involved in the matter, trying to help clear up his travel status.

Hunt is currently on a four-fight winning streak. A victory over dos Santos would put him in the thick of talks about who gets the next UFC heavyweight title shot after champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva square off in the UFC 160 main event.

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