Marcus Lattimore: Will Enter 2013 Draft

Update: Lattimore (knee) will enter the 2013 NFL Draft, ESPN's Joe Schad reports.

Recommendation: Lattimore might be better known for his injuries than his talent at this point, but with NFL players routinely bouncing back strongly from ACL tears in recent times, there is definitely still a place for Lattimore in the league. Although he might not go until the third or fourth round due to his injuries and the fact that he might miss the 2013 season, Lattimore would have almost certainly graded as the draft's best runner pre-injury and brings clear first-round upside to the table. With that said, Lattimore suffered a season-ending injury to his left knee, believed to be at least an ACL tear, in Oct. of 2011, and then on Oct. 27 of this year he suffered a torn ACL, torn LCL and dislocated knee cap in his right knee. He doesn't wow with his athleticism or power, but Lattimore is very well-rounded as a runner, perhaps most notably possessing rare balance for a running back in the 230-pound range, which allows him to change direction and stop-and-go at a! level that's typically only seen in runners much smaller than him. He's also a very good receiver, as he caught 74 passes in 29 games at South Carolina.