Marc Gasol Bizarrely Keeps Pushing His Older Brother To Sign With His Team's Biggest Rival

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Back in April, Marc Gasol made a rather strange statement when asked about where he thinks his older brother, Pau, should play next season. Instead of saying that Pau should stay in Chicago or join him to try to win a title in Memphis, Marc Gasol thought his brother should join the San Antonio Spurs where, presumably, he would be much closer to a championship.

Now, Marc is doubling down on his Pau-to-the-Spurs take in a recent interview with Spanish website Baloncesto, as transcribed by News 4 San Antonio:

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For what the franchise represents, by the way they work, how they treat their players, their winning culture: no matter what they follow a defined course and do not change.

Now, at first glance, there may not seem to be anything controversial about that statement. After all, he’s totally right, and Pau Gasol would be a solid pickup for the Spurs as an additional offensive weapon in the front court. However, there is just one problem: the Spurs are division rivals with Marc Gasol’s Memphis Grizzlies, and they even swept a injury-depleted version out of the playoffs in the first round this year.

On one hand, it’s only natural to want what’s best for your family members. On the other hand, maybe going public twice saying your brother should sign with a division rival and not your own team is a bit concerning.

The younger Gasol is under contract with Memphis through 2020, and while his team might not be a championship contender, it would still be a treat to see the Gasol brothers team up on the same squad that Pau helped make semi-relevant a decade ago. Instead, if Pau Gasol listens to his brother’s advice, he’ll matchup with the Grizzlies four times next year and likely help prevent Memphis from dethroning the Spurs as Southwest division champions.

(Via News 4 San Antonio)

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