Mailbag: What's next for Jones, Trinidad?

Kevin Iole
Yahoo! Sports

The inbox was filled with opinions about Roy Jones Jr.'s performance on Saturday against Felix Trinidad. Jones knocked the Puerto Rican star down twice and won a wide unanimous decision victory at Madison Square Garden.

I'll give my thoughts on that bout, on what Jones should do next, as well as comment on the upcoming rematch between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in this week's edition of the mailbag.


What's next for Roy Jones Jr. and Tito Trinidad after their one-sided bout?

Noel Domingo

I believe Trinidad will retire again. As for Jones, he's in the mix for a big fight. I was not shocked at all that he dominated the fight and only was surprised that he didn't stop Trinidad. I think you'll see Jones fight a significant fight at either 168 or 175 later this year.


There were two things that were impressive last night, one was that a 39-year-old man was as fast as he was, the other was that Tito went the distance and didn't look bad at all. Jones' win was not impressive. He was supposed to win, and, in my opinion, in a lot better fashion then he did. Winky Wright didn't lose a round to Tito in Tito's weight class. With that thought, let's talk about Roy's "impressive" win.

David Elliott

Nothing happened in that bout that should have surprised anyone who was evaluating the fighters impartially. The best Trinidad who ever stepped into the ring couldn't have beaten Roy Jones. So while Jones showed he still has something left, consider the level of opposition he fought. Guys like Joe Calzaghe, Bernard Hopkins and Kelly Pavlik wouldn't be so simple for him.


Hey, I bet you feel like a dumb (expletive), eh? What a fight by Jones! I know you are going to make up some excuses, but do what you want as Roy was the man (Saturday).

Brian Turner

I picked Jones to win by knockout, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. I did criticize him for failing to fight big fights during his prime, when he was the top boxer in the world. I stand by those criticisms.


How could Roy Jones Jr. be proud of beating a washed-up Tito Trinidad? It was a mismatch in the first place. There was an enormous size difference between the two. Is this the way Roy Jones Jr. fights? Whatever happened to the Boxer of the Decade?

Manilla, Philippines

Roy isn't the fighter he was a number of years ago, but he's still decent. But I agree, this fight was a joke. Trinidad would never have been able to defeat Jones, no matter when they fought, given their respective styles and skills. It's interesting that Jones called out Calzaghe when he knew Calzaghe had already agreed to an April 19 bout in Las Vegas at the Thomas & Mack Center against Bernard Hopkins. But if Jones follows through on plans to fight a big fight, perhaps he'd want to take on WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson.


What rank is heavyweight boxer Baby Joe Mesi? I would like to see Baby Joe get a shot at a heavyweight title. Do you think he has a chance?

Rick DeGroat
Salamanca, N.Y.

Mesi is ranked 16th by the WBC and unranked by the WBA, WBO and IBF, which only rank 15 challengers. He's not going to get a title shot until he starts to fight better competition. The fighters he's fought recently are extraordinarily lightly regarded. He doesn't deserve to be anywhere near a title fight until he steps up the competition level numerous notches.


Nobody who knows boxing wants to see a rematch between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The outcome would be just the same, if not more one-sided than the first. This is the only drawback to fighters turned promoters. They know there is a great amount of money to be made and as promoters and fighters they would capitalize on all of it. Oscar is just trying to go out with a win, which is why he wanted to fight Hatton. There are a lot of good matches for Oscar. He should join the rest in proving he deserves another shot at Floyd.


I would much rather have heard that Mayweather was going to fight Miguel Cotto in September rather than a rematch with De La Hoya. But the truth is, though a De La Hoya-Mayweather rematch won't sell nearly as well as the first one did, when it did in excess of 2.4 million buys, it still might finish as one of the four or five biggest pay-per-view fights ever. People want to see it and with so much money to be made, it's not a surprise it's happening.


Hey Iole, how about hyping up a Jones fight with Winky Wright? The winner there should get some of that Kelly Pavlik-Jermain Taylor, Bernard Hopkins-Joe Calzaghe action.

North Carolina

Jones and Wright are good friends and I don't see them fighting each other. It would be an interesting bout and I don't disagree with any of your scenarios, but I think it's unlikely to happen given their friendship.


I have a few comments on the recent wave of Roy Jones slamming. Roy Jones was the best fighter pound-for-pound for about 10 years. During that time, it is true that he didn't fight the best caliber of opponent, but to say that he is the one who ducked them is absurd! Dariusz Michalczewski never fought anyone but my grandmother outside of Germany and even if he had fought Roy, he would have been embarrassed. The same goes for Joe Calzaghe, who has only beaten an overrated American and a very good European fighter much like himself. Roy will go down in history as a very good light heavyweight. However, he is and probably will be long after I'm in the ground the greatest super middleweight in history! No one ever would have beaten him in his prime, let alone challenge him. So my message to Roy's critics is to lay off of him and appreciate the man for what glimpses of perfection he has shown us over the years!

Avon, Ohio

No way is Jones the best super middleweight ever. He simply wasn't in the division long enough. He was 6-0 as a super middleweight, with wins over James Toney, Antoine Byrd, Vinnie Pazienza, Tony Thornton, Eric Lucas and Bryant Brannon. Calzaghe has a much better record at 168 pounds. If a prime Calzaghe had fought a prime Jones, I'd have taken Jones. But part of the criticism of Jones is that he didn't make fights like this when he could have done so.


Do the people really want to see Oscar and Mayweather again ? We want to see Cotto vs. Mayweather. Is Mayweather possibly ducking Cotto?

David Cartagena
Lorain, Ohio

As I said before, I think a lot of people will buy this pay-per-view. I'm guessing it will do between 1.5 million and 1.75 million pay-per-view sales. Cotto simply wouldn't do as many pay-per-views against either man. I don't think Mayweather is ducking Cotto, but if Cotto does what I think he's going to do in 2008, a Cotto-Mayweather fight would be the biggest fight possible to be made in 2009.


Now that it seems we will see Mayweather-De La Hoya II in September, do you see the outcome of that fight being any different than the first (I had Mayweather winning 116- 112)? Also, will Mayweather be fighting a tune-up fight in the middle of the year just like De La Hoya? Is there any word on who De La Hoya's tune-up will be against (I can't imagine it being an opponent that is too dangerous)?

Eric Schenk
Las Vegas

I think Mayweather wins the fight wider on the scorecards than he did the first time. I just don't see what changes De La Hoya could make to alter the outcome. Mayweather won't fight a tune-up. He insisted on a long vacation, which is why this fight is in September instead of May. The names De La Hoya is talking about for his May tune-up bout are Dmitry Salita, Paulie Malignaggi and Steve Forbes. Honestly, I don't see how a competent athletic commission could approve Salita, a middling 140-pounder, against a super welterweight with De La Hoya's credentials.


Do you think that if Kelly Pavlik beats Jermain Taylor next month there is any chance that he would fight Edison Miranda again? I'm just curious what your opinion is on this fight. I think it should happen.


There's almost no chance Pavlik would fight Miranda again any time soon, assuming he gets past Taylor on Feb. 16. Pavlik handled Miranda with ease and will be looking at several huge money fights should he defeat Taylor again.

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