LTA recruit Downey from Tennis Canada


LONDON (Reuters) - Tennis Canada president Michael Downey will replace Roger Draper as chief executive of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) on a significantly lower salary than his predecessor, the British body said on Tuesday.

The LTA said in a statement that Downey, 56, would start his new job on January 6, with Nick Humby acting as chief executive during an interim period.

"Michael has been President and CEO of Tennis Canada for the past nine years, during which time the sport has enjoyed significant growth, both at grassroots and at the elite level," the LTA said.

Draper had been in charge of the LTA for seven years but his salary, 640,000 pounds ($1.03 million) in 2012, came in for criticism as did the body's perceived failure to grow the sport in Britain despite a healthy share of Wimbledon profits.

LTA chairman David Gregson said separately that Downey, who also once worked as a regional president for Canada's largest brewery Molson, would be paid 300,000 pounds with the possibility of a 30 percent bonus.

"That is the right level for jobs of this magnitude," he added.

(Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing by Patrick Johnston)

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