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Larry Williams, Senior Writer
Tiger Illustrated

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Two years ago at this time, the two biggest questions about Clemson football centered on the two inexperienced coaches who were put in charge of the offense.

Yes, things went splendidly against Oklahoma in the Russell Athletic Bowl -- far better than anyone imagined with Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott orchestrating a Cole Stoudt masterpiece in their debut.

But Chad Morris, such an integral part of the Tigers' identity for four years, was gone. And instead of going out and using that $1.3 million to bring in a seasoned coordinator who had been through the wars, Dabo Swinney put more than a few fans on edge by going unconventional.



You might say his decision, which he said at the time was "the easiest I've ever made," has worked kind of well. The Tigers have gone 28-2 the past two seasons with a national title and darned near another. And in the lone two losses, to Alabama and Pittsburgh, the offense has totaled 82 points and 1,180 yards.

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