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Kevin Noon, Publisher
Buckeye Grove

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The game of college football is always evolving. Some things will end up being tried and true staples of the game while other things end up being nothing more than a fad.

Spring football is a chance to try some things out, the first game of the season is months away and there is no opponent on the schedule that has to be prepared for with great urgency (granted, Ohio State still does hold a 'Team Up North' period during spring ball).

Urban Meyer has said that so much more can be gained from spring practice than practice within the season in terms of development and player identification. While there is never enough time in 15 practices to try everything, but how do Meyer's Buckeyes approach this?

"You just try things, Kevin (Wilson) has great ideas and so does Ryan (Day) and we are not going to try them in September, we are doing some things that we have maybe not done before, some look good and some look bad," Meyer said after practice number nine on Tuesday.

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